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Success Stories of Spastic Children

Name- Riya
Age- 3 yrs
Disability- Cerebral Palsy

When Riya came to CWCS centre for the first time she could hardly walk and looked quite weak. It all started when CWCS volunteer had their first interaction with Riya's mother who was completely unsure of any change in Riya's condition. She was callously told by her in-laws, brother-in-law and sister-in-law about the gravity of the ailment. Only on the conviction of CWCS volunteers that her mother decided to start Riya's treatment . She was taken into confidence and told to have patience for six months to get any result. Since mother Joolie Jain was determined to help her child, she followed the instructions and the result was astonishing. Riya was on her feet and was able to walk, run and play. Now proud mother Joolie feels very thankful to CWCS for giving a new lease of life to her child and what more! everyone in her in-laws feel proud of her

Name - Karan
Age-7 yrs
Disability-Cerebral Palsy

Karan's some activities caused a great deal of problems for his family. His constant teasing of his siblings, insistence for getting things was giving tough time to his family. He always threw things and hit his siblings. His father Rajendra Prasad was counseled by the volunteer of CWCS to send his son for the therapy.  A lot of emphasis was put on regularity for therapy in order to get quicker and better results. With few months of treatment, Karan showed incredible improvements. He was given speech therapy regularly which helped him to utter the most common words. Now he is able to clearly state his needs, hold his parents hands while walking, left insisting for anything and most of all he has stopped fighting with his siblings. It seems that one day Karan would behave completely like any other normal child.

Disability-inflexibility in knee joints

At such a young age, Praveen had to undergo an operation for his knee in order to have flexibility. Even after the operation there was no sign of improvement in his knee. With his regular visits to the centre he improved quickly. He was put through an exercise regime that did wonders for him and he was able to move his knees flexibly after six months.

Name- Sulbha
Age-7 years
Disability- Not able to walk

When CWCS volunteer reached Sulbha's home for the first time she was found sitting at one place. Her mother had to help her with her routine all the time. She needed someone to go anywhere.  After being counseled she started visiting our centre. With time and regular therapy she started improving.  Although it took her one and half years but now she is capable of moving around on her own. You can make out her joy of freedom seeing a grin on her face.

Name- Sachin
Age-10 years
Disability- Physically challenged

During a survey when volunteers approached Sachin's home, it was found out that Sachin had problem with speaking & listening. His parents were advised to visit our centre. With few days of speech therapy, he started showing signs of improvement and also started uttering very basic words like papachachaamma etc. Centre also facilitated him with hearing aid to enable him to listen. He was also admitted in a school for physically challenged children where he goes regualarly now and you can see that cheerful smile on his face.

Name- Rakhi
Age-6 years
Disability- Pysically challenged

Another child named Rakhi was found by CWCS volunteer who had similar problem like Sachin. This beautiful girl couldn't talk & hear any speech. In few sessions with speech therapist, the girl improved substantially and started talking little bit. Rakhi although able to hardly listen was given hearing aid. Now she is regular with her studies and the happy parents can tell the tale of success.

Name- Mayank
Age-5 years
Disability- Cerebral Palsy 
He was unable to walk and talk on his own at the time of his enrolment in the centre. 
Post CWCS therapy 
Now Mayank is able to walk and talk. He has started following commands as well. 

Name- Yash
Age-7 years
Disability- Autism 
Yash is autistic. He was not able to speak and understand anything earlier. 
Post CWCS Therapy
Yash has improved substantially in terms of listening. Now he is able to say day to day expressions. 

Name- Gunjan
Age- 14 years
Disability- Cerebral Palsy 
Gunjan had major trouble in moving on her own. She often stumbled while walking. 
Post CWCS therapy 
After being treated at CWCS Rehabilitation centre, she started showing improvement. She learnt to hold things, and pass things. Now she doesn't lose temper too early as per her mother. 

Name- Ayush
Age-5 years
Disability- Cerebral Palsy
He was not able to walk, eat and stand up before coming to the centre. He would always sit in his mother's lap. 
Post CWCS Therapy
Since his treatment began with CWCS, Ayush has started standing up. He has started following simple commands as well.  

Name- Ishika 
Age-3 years
Disability- Mental Disorder 
She was able to do neither speak not stand. 
Post CWCS Therapy
She has shown tremendous progress after the treatment. She is now able to move her limbs a little. Our occupational therapist is very optimistic about her progress in near future.  

Name- Lucky
Age-6 years
Disability- Mental Disorder
Lucky was unable to stand before coming to the centre. 
Post CWCS therapy 
Now he is able to stand for long time and can also walk with the help of someone. 

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2011-06-25 19:06:55
CWCS Initiatives
CWCS have helped under-privileged Women 

2011-06-25 19:08:13
images CWCS Helped Out
CWCS have helped women to learn & earn

2011-06-25 19:08:39
CWCS Helped Children
CWCS Helped Children

New Developments at CWCS
  • On 27th Apr. '13 a free notebook distribution camp was organized by CWCS at Karotia Camp, Kalkaji.
  • Rice Distribution was organized by CWCS for the economically deprived section people of Giri Nagar, Kalkaji on 6th May '13.
  • Free bag distribution camp was organized on 14th May '13 by CWCS at New Ankur Public School, 683/8 I Block Ratiya Marg Delhi.
  • Four physically challenged children namely Diksha [age 2 years] ,Aryan [age 2 years], Ishika [age 5] & Piyush [age 8] belonging to economically weaker section of Sangam Vihar locality were helped by CWCS to get free 'Rolater'- a devise used for walking through a Government agency. 
  • Free notebook distribution camp was organized on 14th Sep '13 at Heera Public School, Sangam Vihar for the students of marginalized section. 
  • Free bags were distributed to the children of underprivileged section of Homely Ideal Public School, Sangam Vihar, Delhi on 23rd Sep '13.
  • Free notebooks were distributed to the children of underprivileged section of Harijan Basti Kondli Hub Centre, Ghadoli Extension Delhi on 25th Sep '13.
  • Shami Ahmed Mansoori aged 8 years, a child from underprivileged family was operated in Oct '13 for heart ailment at Escorts-Fortis hospital. All his medical expenses were born by CWCS. Child is looking forward to schooling now. 
  • A notebook distribution camp was organized at Karotia camp for the children of lower-weaker section of the area on 2nd   March '14. 
  • 10 underprivileged children were awarded education scholarship for a year by University of WOLVERHAPTON 18F- Basant Lok, II Floor, Vasant Vihar New Delhi -110057  for the year 2014-15 in an event hosted by it on 23rd April '14 at FICCI Auditorium. The event was attended by CWCS president Ms. Sarita Kalia along with staff and 10 beneficiaries with their parents.


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