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Proposed projects

1.  School for Spastic Children

Child & Women Care Society plans to set up a School for Spastic Children [SSC] in NCR Delhi. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi [MCD] & the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will be requested for space and support will be sought from local builders and construction companies will be used to set-up the Centre. Financial Institutions will be involved in coordinating the incomes/payments and safety deposits to ensure a secured life for the Spastic Children. Corporate Houses will be invited to provide assistance and training to their occupational therapy giving it an economic angle. 

Interactive workshops would be organized by CWCS to discuss the models being used internationally with all the project partners. These would then be redesigned to involve the family and make them socially relevant for Indian needs. 

Once the School for Spastic Children is established, CWCS will undertake a nationwide advocacy campaign that will highlight the need to quantify and qualify the problem of Spasticity in India and propose to undertake a detailed National Survey of the Handicapped in India. CWCS School for Spastic Children will cater to those groups who cannot afford to go for a regular treatment. The CWCS School for Spastic Children to be set-up in NCR Delhi will be the first of nation-wide branches of such schools exclusively run and managed by CWCS.

2. Women Employment Programme

It is a fact that families value systems and their relationship with community revolve more around the woman than the man. Identifying the urgent need to empower the woman of tomorrow with the knowledge of and orientation towards acquiring a better quality of life. After much deliberation and inputs, both internal and external, with sensitized people in society, the Child and Women Care Society [CWCS] has structured a Women Empowerment Programme, titled Mein Bhi KALPANA CHAWLA Banungi.

Experience has shown that women are natural managers and entrepreneurs. For example, women entrepreneurs solely run Lijjat Papad, SEWA, etc. We also have various micro-credit schemes, Cooperatives such as Dastakar and Amul Milk Cooperative, with women in leadership roles. 

The single most important aspect of this Programme will be the success achieved in inspiring a woman to make the effort to seek out new possibilities of growth and development with the help of her mentor. The focus of “Mein Bhi KALPANA CHAWLA Banungi” shall be underprivileged young-women between 18 to 25 years of age.

3. Educating the underprivileged children

Child & Women Care Society plans to implement its dream project of educating under-privileged children with the assistance of Private Individual Sponsors.

The Child & Women Care Society [CWCS] wishes to involve over 630 ‘Out–of–School’ children (Between the age group of 5–9 years) preparing them for potential entry into the formal education system and retention of vulnerable children within the existing framework by providing them remedial support services.

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2011-06-25 19:06:55
CWCS Initiatives
CWCS have helped under-privileged Women 

2011-06-25 19:08:13
images CWCS Helped Out
CWCS have helped women to learn & earn

2011-06-25 19:08:39
CWCS Helped Children
CWCS Helped Children

New Developments at CWCS
  • On 27th Apr. '13 a free notebook distribution camp was organized by CWCS at Karotia Camp, Kalkaji.
  • Rice Distribution was organized by CWCS for the economically deprived section people of Giri Nagar, Kalkaji on 6th May '13.
  • Free bag distribution camp was organized on 14th May '13 by CWCS at New Ankur Public School, 683/8 I Block Ratiya Marg Delhi.
  • Four physically challenged children namely Diksha [age 2 years] ,Aryan [age 2 years], Ishika [age 5] & Piyush [age 8] belonging to economically weaker section of Sangam Vihar locality were helped by CWCS to get free 'Rolater'- a devise used for walking through a Government agency. 
  • Free notebook distribution camp was organized on 14th Sep '13 at Heera Public School, Sangam Vihar for the students of marginalized section. 
  • Free bags were distributed to the children of underprivileged section of Homely Ideal Public School, Sangam Vihar, Delhi on 23rd Sep '13.
  • Free notebooks were distributed to the children of underprivileged section of Harijan Basti Kondli Hub Centre, Ghadoli Extension Delhi on 25th Sep '13.
  • Shami Ahmed Mansoori aged 8 years, a child from underprivileged family was operated in Oct '13 for heart ailment at Escorts-Fortis hospital. All his medical expenses were born by CWCS. Child is looking forward to schooling now. 
  • A notebook distribution camp was organized at Karotia camp for the children of lower-weaker section of the area on 2nd   March '14. 
  • 10 underprivileged children were awarded education scholarship for a year by University of WOLVERHAPTON 18F- Basant Lok, II Floor, Vasant Vihar New Delhi -110057  for the year 2014-15 in an event hosted by it on 23rd April '14 at FICCI Auditorium. The event was attended by CWCS president Ms. Sarita Kalia along with staff and 10 beneficiaries with their parents.


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